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Over 100 Acres long Research Field

The company has R & D centre at Faisal Abad Distt. spread over 100 hectares where in 20 Qualified & Experienced Breeders and Assistants work relentlessly under the guidance of Mr Gulzar Ahmed Ch. & Mr. Nouman Ahmed. The company has Germplasm Bank with about 1,000 lines in Corn, 100 lines in Sunflower, 250 lines in Millet and about 500 lines in vegetables like Okra Chilly, Tomato & Watermelon. The company is in the process of establishing Bio-Technology Lab for developing new hybrids through Marker Assisted Selections/Marker Aided Breding.watermelon seed hybrid F1- Medium variety. Approx. 32 days from flowering. Easy to set fruits and high yielding. The fruits are 9-15 kg each in weight, oblong in shape, black skin, red juicy fresh with 12% brix sugar content. Resistant to Fusarium wilt and Anthracnose.

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